Coronavirus Chronicles – 16 March 2020

Posted: 2020/03/16 in Odds & Ends

Greetings from within the increasingly tight lockdown of our world in order to “flatten the curve,” that is, slow the spread of the Coronavirus.  Yesterday was the first Sunday worship had to be cancelled as Bishop Bard asked all MI Area UM churches to follow the CDC guidelines limiting gatherings within buildings.  As of today, the CDC has updated their recommendation to groups no larger than 50 for the next 8 weeks.  Also, as of 3pm this afternoon, MI restaurants and bars are banned from seating customers indoors (by executive order of the governor).  Fret not–Tecumseh Brewing Co. will deliver growlers of their brew thus offering some comfort in this crisis.

The speed at which the crisis reaction has taken place has been breathtaking.  Over the two days we were in Grand Rapids last week (Thur & Fri) our world changed as emergencies were declared, schools closed for weeks, large gatherings banned, and the words and phrases “Coronavirus,” “social distancing,” and “flattening the curve” were added to our lexicon.  The pace of developments has yet to slow.

Not one to let the potential of a good crisis slip by, I am using this time to explore new ways of “doing church.”  I suspect my first podcast will be posted to my church’s website later this week.  How we will worship, meet, and pray together is yet to be determined.

I also have time to work on my cooking and bread baking, which will necessitate increased time exercising, probably by finding things to do outdoors as we are just on the leading edge of spring.  We can also put some time into spring cleaning.

I’m sure this is terribly dull as everyone else is stuck in the same situation.  As I continue the Cononavirus Chronicles, I’ll try to come up with something interesting or entertaining . . .


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