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Questions for the Candidates

Posted: 2016/02/22 in Politics

Talk is cheap, and campaign talk is the cheapest of all.  Large, abstract, nebulous promises (such as Trump’s “Make America Great Again”).  Vows to do things that have not political or practical possibility (such as Sander’s vow to have the Citizens United ruling overturned and then banned by a constitutional amendment, or Trump’s ban on Muslims entry into the U.S.).

I very much want to ask this year’s candidates for president the following questions:

  • What will you do following the next successful terrorist attack on American soil?
  • How will you lead our nation though the next economic crisis?
  • How will you deal with the complex and potentially explosive Middle-East?
  • What will you do the next time a mass shooting occurs in America?
  • What will you do to deal with poverty in America?
  • Can and will you be the president for all Americans, not just for those who reflect your ideology and demographic?

Why do I ask?  Because I do not want to base my vote on soundbites and the warning that the world will end if the other person is elected.

By the way:  If you choose not to vote when given the opportunity, then you deserve the government you let others pick for you.