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Up Mt. Baldhead

Posted: 2015/11/02 in Uncategorized

Mt. Baldhead is across the Kalamazoo River from and overlooks Saugatuck. There is a set of 300 stairsteps one can take to climb it. We went up the other side…


Looking down the path—


The Golf Ball – teed up —


Saugatuk from the base of the golf ball—


On the way back down…



After way too long I’m shooting with a SLR again, albeit one a lot more sophisticated than my old Ricoh. 

And this is a public restroom for those with a preference for French Impressionism —

These were taken at a beach and nature preserve in Saugatuk. As with all photos, they are converted from raw to jpeg (at far reduced image quality). Some of the shots are taken thru a circular polarizer to darken the sky.