Random Rants

Posted: 2015/07/27 in Uncategorized

This is the first of the Random Rants series composed of various observations and opinions of a curmudgeonly nature

Ride a bicycle? Wear a helmet! no one wants to see what’s really inside your head.

Ride a bicycle with your children, making them wear helmets while you do not. They neither want to see what’s in your head nor need a bad example to follow. In fact, they need you to keep yourself healthy so you can do a great job raising them.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people—I get that. However, people have a much tougher time killing other people without a gun.

Driving your silver car in a fog with your lights off? Please turn them on. I want to see you in time to avoid meeting you the hard way. (Get a clue—lights on in a fog is not so you can see the road but so we can see you.)

Michigan State government: Please get over yourselves and FIX THE ROADS!

Michigan voters: Please support our elected state government by not voting them out of office when they need to raise taxes to pay to FIX THE ROADS! 

Enough for now…


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