Exorcising the Post -Traumatic Ghosts of Meetings-Past

Posted: 2014/02/04 in Uncategorized

I dislike meetings. I have too short an attention span to sit through most meetings. I often do not have the patience for meetings that decide nothing (a heckuva situation for a United Methodist Elder . . . I am thinking about proposing a name change at the next General Conference — The United Meeting Church). And I have even less patience for the formality and officiousness of Roberts Rules of Order.

More importantly, I dislike meetings because they were, for a time, dangerous places to be. I would often walk into a meeting and either be ambushed from behind the white-board or attacked outright. Meetings had become unpleasant gripe sessions.

I no longer step into a hornets nest when I attend a meeting but I have yet to shake the PTSD. I hope I am scribbling the trauma out of my system . . .

. . . because I have to go to another meeting.


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