A (Very Few) Words About the Recent Government Shutdown and Near Default

Posted: 2013/10/17 in Uncategorized
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Hey! The national parks are open again—let’s go on vacation!

Now that the smoke is beginning to clear and the dust is starting to settle, I’m ready to pitch my $0.02 about the recent federal government shutdown and default near-miss.

If you are hoping for a blistering partisan rant excoriating one side or the other (or both) . . . sorry—I don’t have one. A bizzillion other people are already filling cyberspace with that kind of stuff.

Instread, I have only two things to add to the overall discussion:

#1 —  The politics and conflict that has led to the recent shutdown and threatened to besmirch the “full faith and credit” of the United States demonstrates a failure of the people we’ve put into office to uphold and enhance the common good.

#2 —  If you are unhappy about what’s been happening (and polling data says that, by and large, we are), then get your *donkey* out there and vote in the next elections, including and especially, the next primary election. If we choose not to participate in our hard-won democracy by exercising our right to vote (a right Americans have fought and died to protect), then we have no place crabbing about how our government functions. No excuses! Get thee to a voting booth!

There . . . That’s as close to a rant as I’m going and all I really have to say about it all.


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